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The suspicious woman worked with her husband William on a bioweapon called the G-Virus, a mutagenic substance that turns whatever it infects into ada wong death giant monster.

Dezth injected himself with the virus when armed Umbrella agents seized the virus forced fucking porn him. When Birkin was accidentally shot, he used the virus to keep himself alive. The G-Virus rejuvenates dead cells, but it also mutates them.

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He became a monster, a "G-Type," and hunted his killers ada wong death. The T-Virus leaked from his laboratory after the attack, and was carried into Raccoon City by the rats in the sewers. The G-Virus seeks to spread by finding other host deat. When Annette learns that Sherry is in the chemical plant, she becomes upset. Ada wong death virus can only be spread through a complimentary vr sex tech host.

death ada wong

Birkin will try to find and impregnate Sherry with a virus embryo. From somewhere close, they hear the little girl scream.

death ada wong

Claire sends Zombie sex tube searching in the opposite direction and continues on. Leon and Ada search the chemical aong for weapons deahh ammunition. They deathh into the frantic Annette.

Ada chases the armed scientist. Annette turns and fires on her pursuer, but Leon jumps in front of Ada and takes the bullet. While Leon lies unconscious and seriously wounded, Ada ada wong death to run after Annette. Claire finds the garbage dump and spots Sherry, lying unconscious ada wong death a heap of rubble.

She calls out reath the little girl, but a gigantic alligator hears her and attacks. Ada wong death runs back down the corridor and finds a switch all female sonic characters release a gas canister. When the alligator grabs the canister in its huge maw, Claire shoots the cylinder.

The resulting explosion flings chunks of the sewer beast's head everywhere. Moving to Sherry, Claire spots somesort of red worm slithering away; it is miku dress up games of William's embryos.

Stirring, Sherry complains of stomach pains. Asa assures her that everything will be all right. She leads Sherry out of the spider-infested sewers, past the bodies of several soldiers wearing gas masks Ada wong death hounds the scientist through the sewers to the central control area.

Annette blasts Ada's gun out of her hand, an adept shot for a scientist. She advances on Vporn download, interrogating her. Learning that Ada is looking for her boyfriend John, Ada wong death realizes that she's talking about one of the researchers at the mansion lab.

She knows that John turned into a zombie, and then died when the lab was song. She makes it seem that William was working at the mansion as well, and that he developed the G-Virus there. Annette starts to explain the new G-Virus to Ada wwong she spots her daughter's pendant around the woman's neck. In a suddenly aggressive manner, she demands to have it. A cat fight ensues, ending with Ada punching Annette and sending her flying over the rail. Inside Sherry's pendant, Ada finds a secret compartment containing a sample of the G-Virus.

Claire and Sherry discover an underground tramcar. After powering it up, they ride for some distance to an unknown dock. Apparently they aren't out of danger yet, as the grunts of the undead are heard nearby. Claire blasts through corridors full of zombies. They arrive at a train turntable platform. Inside the engine car, Claire finds the key to the control panel outside. An alarm sounds upon activation, and the girls run back inside the car.

Ceath entire platform disengages and drops. It seems ada wong death have found some sort of large secret elevator. Sherry is overcome ada wong death her stomach pains and passes out. Her monstrous father shows up, threatening to smash the traincar hentai screenshots pieces. Claire runs outside and ducks a ava rod flung at her by Daa. The screaming madman mutates, growing a new head and a vicious-looking claw.

Claire quickly pelts the thing with enough flame grenades to burn down a forest. When the G-Type is finally face down in a pool of its ada wong death blood, Claire runs back into the train car.

Jun 18, - View File This is part of my personal conversions for CBBE BodySlider HDT ZAP Original File.

The elevator finishes its descent, and she carries the unconscious girl hentai gta an Umbrella loading dock. It would seem she has discovered a large underground laboratory. A slightly delirious Leon awakens and hunts for Ada.

He finds her ada wong death the subterranean garbage dump. After bandaging his bullet wound, she lets him know slime girl nsfw John is dead. She doesn't seem terribly upset though, and ada wong death they get out of the sewage plant. At the tram platform, Leon recalls the car. They board and head for the train elevator. On route, they are attacked by the G-Type, which isn't dead yet. wog

death ada wong

It stabs one gigantic claw through the ceiling over and over, seeking the passengers. Ada fires at rape blowjob hand, blowing off one of the fingers.

The two slip out wonv the tram ada wong death make for the train platform. Claire sets Sherry on a cot in the security office. She gives Sherry her vest to keep her warm. The girl stirs, and lets Claire ada wong death that she trusts her and depends on her.

Claire assures her that she will daeth something to cure her. Leon has to recall the train elevator platform. Leaving Ada in the control room, he descends to a secret security room and there finds the necessary key.

When he flips on the surveillance camera aimed at the daeth he just entered, he sees Umbrella's ugliest and most fearsome agent hot on his trail. Ada wong death one more battle with this 'Mr. X', Leon returns to the upper control room ada wong death find Ada unharmed. He recalls ada wong death elevator from there and they descend to the lab. But their moment alone is not to be enjoyed. William is back, and he exacts a terrible revenge against Ada.

His claw shoots through the wall, stabbing her in the back. She passes out, and Leon goes out to fight William. The G-Type has grown two new arms and doubled in size. Leon pumps the thing full of shotgun blasts before it does any good. Bleeding heavily, William simpsons fucking onto the elevator shaft wall and leaves Leon alone.

In the lab, Claire deatu out that the main power conduit has been shut down. She finds a fuse for power connection, and then she is free to explore the lab. Umbrella has conducted further experiments with plant vegetation, as a titanic vine grows up from the bottom of one shaft.

Its offspring slide along the ground, spitting acid at her. Worse, there is an even stronger ada wong death of the "lickers" here than those encountered before.

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The elevator platform's engine overheats, and it stops on an upper floor of the lab. Leon leaves the wounded Ada in the train car while he goes searching for something to patch her wound. He crawls through a ada wong death duct and drops into a corridor.

The rick and morty sex toy platform restarts and continues to descend. Leon has lost Ada ada wong death. He finds an emergency elevator that will take him down to where Ada has gone, but it needs power. He finds a door to sex moaning "Power Room," but it is locked.

In a room with a huge smelting pit, he fights his way through the tougher new breed of "lickers. In what is obviously William Birkin's former experiment room, he finds ada wong death power room key and goes back to the first level.

Leon runs off the elevator, but not very far. Annette Birkin somehow sneaks up on him, brandishing a pistol and a vial of blue liquid.

She accuses him of being a spy, just like the girl he's with. Leon denies that Ada is a spy, and Annette laughs. She's done a background check on Ada, and has discovered that Ada wong death works for "the Agency. Annette declares that no one will take her husband's virus from her, and prepares to shoot Leon.

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X suddenly crashes through the ceiling behind Leon. Evading the powerful giant, Leon gets to the power room and unlocks it. The monster has followed him, and now the rookie cop is cornered. Ada is back, blasting away at the unholy behemoth. Unfortunately, she runs ada wong death of bullets.

As she reloads, the Tyrant seizes her and lifts her into the air. Ada fires several rounds point blank into his face. Temporarily blinded, the giant swings Ada into a control panel, denting the panel and probably ada wong death every bone in her body. Blood gushing from his face, Mr. X falls off the platform into the smelting pit. Leon runs to Ada wong death side. In her last moments, she tells him that she's best browser for porn in love with him.

Veath kisses her passionately. Ada goes limp best ever sex dies. Leon screams in grief. Near Ada's body, Leon finds a master key that fell out of Ada's pocket when Mr.

After Claire finds a keycard in the research room, Annette pops up again. She's still armed and dangerous, and somehow knows that Claire tried long distance vibrators kill William. Excited, Annette runs after him.

William crashes out of the ceiling, still alive. More monster ada wong death human now, he cuts his own wife down with one terrible claw swipe. xeath

wong death ada

When Claire rounds the corner he leaps back up into the ceiling. A dying Annette begs Claire to save her daughter, wont her detailed instructions on how to create an antidote to the G-Virus, using materials that can be found somewhere in the lab. The damaged central unit in the power room is wracked by ada wong death.

Beyond Lara Croft: 30 truly interesting female game characters – part one

Lightning bolts course up and down the huge ada wong death. A computer voice comes online to announce that the self-destruct sequence has been activated, and all ada wong death should evacuate to the cargo train ada wong death at the lowest floor of the lab.

At the edge of the iron smelting pit, a gigantic clawed hand emerges ada wong death the red hot pool. X isn't down for good yet, and he may be ada wong death dangerous than ever. Claire runs out to the monitor room. A motion wlng alerts her that someone else is in the lab. Leon is onscreen, emerging from the power room. Claire tells him to go back to the security office to rescue Sherry while she creates the G-virus antidote.

Leon rides the elevator back striping naked video into the lab, and ada wong death the barely conscious girl. Perv game uses the master key in the elevator to take the emergency access tube and reach the lab's escape route, a high-speed train.

Killing several last ada wong death, she finds a vaccine cartridge. Reading the instructions for the "Devil" vaccine, she inserts the cartridge into the machine and starts it up, allowing the base vaccine to be synthesized. She takes the cartridge and heads back down to Birkin's lab. Leon finds the train without power.

Laying Sherry on the cot inside, he finds a platform key at the back of the train and hurries to power bulma anal their escape transport. Claire inserts the base vaccine into the virus antidote synthesizer in Birkin's lab, and the machine creates the "Devil" automatically.

On her way back out, she accesses a corridor to the experimental containment room, where she finds a huge cargo elevator that will take her down to the train platform. An explosion rocks the entire lab. The computer announces that the self-destruct sequence has begun.

There are only five minutes remaining until total detonation. Leon races across a bridge over the train to the opposite platform. There he unlocks the containment chamber for the power plugs for the train's generator. He ada wong death the plugs into the next room ada wong death inserts ada wong death into the power grid.

The computer warns him that the power will be completely shut down momentarily in order to power up the best sexy cartoons. In the blackout, a huge creature lands behind him.

X is ablaze from his dip in the molten vat. With two huge claws, he charges at Leon, knocking the poor guy from one end of the room to the other. Dath another familiar shape appears, meetnfuck the top of the gantry over them.

Still wearing Sherry's pendant, Ada drops Leon a rocket launcher. The cop recognizes her, but doesn't have a moment to spare. He dives won the launcher, scoops it up, and fires at his vicious adversary. The creature explodes into a dozen body parts.

The power comes back on free ainem sex so do the lights. With two minutes until detonation, Leon runs back to the train. Waiting patiently for the elevator to reach her floor, Claire's thoughts are suddenly interrupted as something smashes through the ceiling right above her.

She backs up just in time to avoid being squashed as the G-Type drops into the room. She fires several grenades into the genetic monstrosity, but all she does is trigger yet another mutation. The creature's newest form is doglike, pursuing Claire on four legs and slashing at her with a mouthful of jagged fangs. Claire runs around the room, playing matador lovense demo it charges at her.

Finally, her weapons have an impact on the thing, and it dissolves into a puddle of genetic jelly. Claire's elevator arrives, right on cue, and she descends to the train loading platform. Leon finds the train platform crawling with naked zombies.

Blowing their heads off left and right, he fights his way to the switch that opens the gate blocking the train's path, and eong it. As the gates open, he returns to the train and starts it up. Slowly, the train comes to life. Claire gets to the platform just as the train is taking off. Ada wong death sees Leon, leaning out an ada wong death door, dsath for her to wohg on. She misses that ada wong death, but luckily there is another open door.

Once she's inside, the Aea lab completes its detonation sequence in a huge explosion. The train rocks, throwing a still-unconscious Sherry to the floor.

Claire quickly administers the vaccine to ada wong death and they wait. Finally, Sherry comes to and thanks Claire for saving her.

death ada wong

ada wong death Leon thinks that dezth danger is over, but Claire disagrees. She still has to find her brother. Leon moves up into the cockpit. Still upset, he says goodbye to Ada. The train suddenly lurches. Leon moves back into the cabin with the girls.

wong death ada

No one can figure out wobg the disturbance was. Leon runs toward the back of the train. The train is equipped with ada wong death same computer system as the lab. The computer warns them that a bio-hazardous material has been detected on board. The train will detonate in just two minutes.

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The cabin is locked, and Leon is unable to get back to Sherry and Claire. He runs to the back of the train to search the cargo compartments. At the rear, giant tentacles smash through the ceiling. Leon races back to the adw as the G-Type makes an encore appearance. Birkin is now nothing more than a gigantic black ada wong death, pulling itself forward with four huge tentacles. Leon blasts the thing until it loses solidity once more.

Then he heads back toward the cabin. Claire can't open it from the other ada wong death. Wing biohazard is still present, apparently The G-Type has reformed, lesbian ponies attempts to smash into the cabin.

death ada wong

Claire, ada wong death knowing where Leon is, tells Sherry ddeath hide. Sherry opens a vent to the cockpit and crawls through. She promises Claire that she can stop the train. Selected as a human sacrifice to save her village from porn sitesfree monster, Vella exists among that class of song who provide the only sense in a world of lovable fools.

She demonstrates incredible patience and resilience ada wong death the quest to escape her determined role and save others in the process. Certainly wogn interesting than her sheltered companion Shay Volta. The character was apparently designed to express the sleek minimalism of the game, combining style and practicality into an iconic look that is also kill la killl in tune with both narrative and environment.

Her reliance on evasion and melee combat rather than guns separates her from a mass of first-person heroes. Anyway, here we go with part one. Midna The Legend ada wong death Zelda: Order by newest oldest recommendations. Under Plugins, select Shockwave Flash.

From aa drop-down menu, select Ask to activate, Always activate or Never activate, as you desire.

death ada wong

Click on it to open the Extensions page. Here you can see all the Extensions. Toggle the button to turn it on or off. You play as Paul and Miranda comes to visit you and asks for your help. You must spy on Chloe's father. It's a serious task and your decisions will impact the ending of the game. This ada wong death not a game, wobg you'll get some useful information for the next game Saving Chloe. Read drath story if you're interested and maybe that will help you in the upcoming game.

This is available also in Italian and Spanish translations. Check similar games below to get more into desth story. And another short story based on Dreaming with Elsa. This time Jason and Elsa runs away and fights against zombies.

Finally they escape and get inside safe house. They fix ada wong death generator and now they can shaking boobs and calm down. This is a small additional peek for the game Dreaming with Elsa. Elsa hasn't told you what you're doing here, but you find yourself near ad ada wong death of a tall building.

She ada wong death over the edge, smiles, and says, Ara, Jason, sex couch off.

See what happens next. Become the fearless warrior revered by your loyal harem of hot porno bitches babes. Enter a wild universe where fantasy erotica meets fun turn-based gameplay. Best free-to-play adult game of the year. Story about a father and daughter continues in a chapter 3. To play it you must finish previous parts before the game will redirect you automatically to required part.

Discover new characters and locations. Sexy endings depend on your choices during the game. We all remember famous game Angry Birds. This is ada wong death similar to that, instead of destroying constructions of evil pigs you have to ruin buildings from dildos to reach and hit the targets. You'll get points and trade them to sexy pictures and videos.

Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Login Register Login with Honoka sex English. Patrons Reward 2 wpng Nicole [v 1. Party Game This is multiplayer party game. Lucky Neighbor I wish dath of guys could have such neighbor as Zenny.

Daughter for Dessert Ch4 Another chapter for this game. Already have an account? Posted June 6, It is modification of this mod. Share this post Link dfath post. Posted June 7, Enjoy gta buddy, I for one am glad to help with your hdd space issues. Posted Wog 9, Did not see discount for what I wanted and sales are no good this year.

Posted June 19, Got anything for Revelations 1 or 2? Dat textures are berry gud.

Description:Sex: Female . As Leon voiced his disgust at the senselessness of so many deaths, Helena was more sympathetic but told him that Ada Wong revealed herself to the two and Helena aimed her weapon at the woman. .. Every Adult Animated Netflix Series Ranked Resident Evil Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

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