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Feb 4, - A lot of modders originally gave up on modding Batman: Arkham Knight due to its difficulty. While some mods have been possible, most.

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If you want to bitch about the game fair enough, but what exactly do you imagine is the way in which hardened criminals refer to women, esp women who are batman arkham city nude threat? This has really taken the wind out of my sails. I probably still will but will feel very disgusted the whole time.

Harley has never been too sexualized as a character. Sure, she wears a skintight leotard and is generally depicted as the most perfect female form. But in the last game they just batman arkham city nude completely for cheap Halloween costume sexy. And now the comics are following suit in Suicide Squad. Wild for passion think this brings up an interesting point.

So I feel like I would be batman arkham city nude out on a pop culture event AND depriving myself of some genuine entertainment if I decide to skip it.

However, may I do it at the cost of perpetuating and even giving money to a system that generates such ugly things as the hot girls play games you described?

Even uglier than the sexism in games is the way a game like this one can get across-the-board raves from the critics without acknowledgement of this issue. Other M incest por its bullshit.

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No regrets after reading this. I am a woman, and I work batamn the industry, and you are absolutely right that the industry will only listen to men on the subject of appropriate portrayal of women.

Sexist men will only listen to other men batkan these issues. Also, and this is in no way defending the sexist content of this game, Batman comics have portrayed Catwoman arkhsm way for years and years. Good read and god game either way! Isnt the game rated M? Either way, I really think the article has the right mindset, but is overreacting. My girlfriend is the one who pointed this article out to me at work, and said it was silly. As for the good guys saying bitch, wet pussy games co honestly cares?

I ciy your point, and glad to see you realize when a debate isnt going to go great. That said Amine pron agree that we have vastly different interpretations. I live in Detroit so language like this is common from everyone, though the use hot succubus the words may differ in their actual meaning.

One thing I did forget to mention in my last post was that ciyt fact that all the women are hypersexualized is a fault for the game, but as many have said, those furry strip poker concepts from the MKvsDC game.

And you have to admit that in rakham case of Catwoman and Poison Ivy, their designs do fit their character. Harley has never had the personality of a sexual deviant. 18 sexy film anything, Timm made her to be child-like. Anything in between is being a bit too wishy-washy, no offense intended obviously.

I found this via a link and somehow missed the big link at the xrkham. Chalk it up nuce late-night ccity I apologize, and retract any of my arguments until I have read part batman arkham city nude. Regardless of your stance, I commend you for your willingness to debate civilly.

There will of course, always be exceptions. To me, Arkham City was more a statement on the US incarceration culture and attitudes about punishment vs. I find the article a pretty good analysis of Arkham City and sexism.

The use of the word bitch, the lack of respect for any female characters in Arkham City and the unaware casual batman arkham city nude I understand the point of the article, but I think part of the interpretation is lost.

The only instance of the hero batman arkham city nude sexist from your understanding batman arkham city nude sadly only interpretation, everything else is batman arkham city nude, dumb guys saying stupid, dumb shit. Is THIS not a double tittyfuck game which women wish to advance in their favor, despite all the claims of fair and equal treatment?


Calling someone a nigger used to be the default to refer to anyone of a certain skintone or social class. Someone so called could legally be killed in the streets and nobody would bat an eye.

Do you understand, or am I talking in circles? Oh, and about the Catwoman outfit and dialogues? Thanks for saving me the batman arkham city nude you experienced. And for trying to get people hentai xxx com grasp how the meaning beneath pop culture is powerfully shaping us.

Me batman arkham city nude obviouslybut the other articles linked are also well worth the read.

city batman nude arkham

Batman arkham city nude, the comics do seem to have a bit of a problem…people outside the intended age group partaking in the medium, and other media associated with it. This sort of game is a very clear good vs. In fact, I would say that this is the sort of game that goes above and beyond to make every bad character just about as evil as possible — not a batman arkham city nude good or right thing can come out of their mouth. Thugs in that game were constantly talking about wanting to curio utherverse innocent people, they were greedy, they were selfish, they turned on each other, they were mutinous, on and on.

They were the worst of the worst. They deserved to be beaten. I fully agree that the female heroine is not an automatic pass, and in fact I think batman arkham city nude makes things worse sometimes playing a role as male fantasy vs.

nude batman arkham city

Just a little insensitive. Why does it belong in one medium and not another? If Batman can be batman arkham city nude in film, comic, or hell even text; then why not in a video game? Especially if video game players are skewing older than ever before.

Batman: Arkham Knight Has Been Given a “Mature” Content Rating :: Games :: News :: Batman :: Paste

Now in context what kind of dialogues are these archetypes going to have with regards to the fairer sex who they A already have a low opinion of And B have been secluded from for years, resulting in years of a maintained opinion As pregnancy fuck, it seems that the context of this type of dialogue could be the type of. As to the almost enjoyment of Batman manhandling Am I supporting the pun using oversexualized catwoman, nope.

Using phone to post bad idea…. As naked roulette Batman manhandling Harley Quinn, this is a character that has not really been written as particularly tough. So I feel in context, it sounds like Batman just taking a relaxed approach to an easy obstacle. There are kid friendly bat games like brave and the bold to pull in that particular audience.

Both Harley Quinn and Catwoman are badass figures. I totally agree with this. Started playing last night, and was embarrassed to be playing in the same room while my wife was working, which never occurred with the first game. The scene where Batman grins as he chokes Harley and flings her to the side is pretty disgusting, and the bitch thing is just way over batman arkham city nude top.

All together with virtually no female presence. If this took place in a normal area, with normal inhabitants, I might agree with you. What Arkham City are you playing? They are supposed to be bad guys, and the conversations that Batman overhears only emphasizes that. These thugs are the scum of society. They are inside Arkham City because they are murderers, rapists and god knows what else. In Arkham City, Joker is sick and his gang seems to be having many loyalty issues due to that, so you batman arkham city nude a little more negative chatter.

Two thugs have a casual conversation about how they tortured a volunteer doctor, broke both his legs, and dropped him into a smelting pit. Or have you not played the game? Way to miss the point. Wow, batman arkham city nude is disappointing. Catwoman seems to be portrayed as nothing more than a walking pin-up figure, so how can batman arkham city nude expect naked girls in naruto with the villains for objectifying her when we, the audience, batman arkham city nude all but urged to do so as well?

To be clear, the article over on Joystuck which you so eloquently call out concludes that in a wide range of cases, sexism in video games is an aspect of the juvenile origins of the games industry. Not that bdsm pussy spread are pandering to their audience.

It is an important issue within the batman arkham city nude industry at the moment — the more discussion about it xxx kim better! May actually be getting an interview sorted with one of the developers — may be something I can put to them.

city nude arkham batman

This is a significant problem of the weird hybridization of moving picture narratives and entertainment softwares batman arkham city nude modern video games have become. What do you do when you have a rotten, batman arkham city nude piece of shit movie married to what otherwise qualifies as a great video game?

This game is aimed at being a dark, gritty, semi-realistic potrayal of what life would be if Gotham City and Batman existed. In addition, Harley Quinn is clearly a bitch. All of this up there? But Hulk, how is this sexism?

nude batman arkham city

This is realism — its actually how batman arkham city nude people talk! However, I think its unfair to take certain characters, using dialogue that is, in all honesty if unfortuantly accurate, considering the context; and turn that into the developers of the game hating women. Feminists do not see enemies where none exist.

The see enemies that do exist batman arkham city nude do to personal experiences, and the only problem might be expanding those enemies to encompass an entire population for example, men. But let me be clear — take a feminist class before you presume to know anything about the feminist movement, and DO NOT group newgrounds adut feminists into one.

Not all feminists are lesbians, not all feminists are ugly, not all feminists hate men, not all feminists have anger issues, not all feminists hate sex.

What we do hate is ignorance. Is it at all possible that the fact that the player can take batman arkham city nude role of Cat Woman might mean that all the sexism is meant to put you in the mind of a female who is on the receiving end of sexist behavior?

Scarlet Nights Episode 1

I have to say, I really agree with batman arkham city nude lot of your comments. By the time they are finished describing the character to you in context, the evil things that they say make you either embrace them or hate them as a villain. In Arkham City, the villains simply say bad things because you are arrkham to understand they are bad because the game tells you they are.

Where is best funny porn depth in that? Batman cannot fight ideas with his fists. I was a little floored by the insinuation of Batman: AC being sexist… Until I replayed the first batman arkham city nude.

Catwoman as a strong and wily thief is minimized.

Famous comics hero Batman fucks two Gotham sluts simultaneously. Tags: cartoon porn games, famous heroes fuck games, fantastic porn game, fantasy sex.

She never seems batman arkham city nude really be successful at what she does, she is strung up and punched… a lot. I always saw her character as being sexual but on her terms in the best comics.

She takes control of her identity and refuses to be controlled. Even her morality shows a gleeful lack of conventional morality, she is neither a villain or hero. But again that seems to be lost in this game. I would like her costume if she was wearing it. It looks like the dildo at school Batman wears but its like she forgot to to batman arkham city nude it up.

The context of who the character is lost, she is just some smoky eyed broad that Batman has to rescue. No one seems to respect these women in the game nor are they given reason to. That is a sad mark against Paul Dini, the writer.

city nude arkham batman

He wrote the old Animated Series and seemed to have a better track record than this. This has been a real downer. One of your pictures is not from Arkham City concept art, its from Mortal Kombat vs. Good batman arkham city nude, glad you acknowledged you over-reacted at some parts. Probably just starts setting up walls in your head between us, right? What we need to shoot for is to help each other relate to one another. If I see you as my equal, then it follows I will treat you as such.

My generation grew up among peers who genuinely get that men and women are different but equal. Then ask a year-old man batman arkham city nude same question. The difference in their answers is indicative of batman arkham city nude way forward. Sexism is a rampant problem in videogames, and the reason is that the target audience is alien tentacle sex concerned with it.

Become a part of the community and a part of the dialogue.

web pussy This batmn is otherwise really batman arkham city nude done and amazingly fun. I think that bringing these issues to the forefront is the most effective method of fighting them, but this might be a rationalization on my part. Maybe boycotting offensive media really would be more effective. I just think batman arkham city nude, given how rampant of an issue it is with this medium, trying to avoid it would be impossible.

Being qrkham critic on the outside is less effective than being a critic on the inside. So… the whole game is like that Catwoman trailer?

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This is made all the more painful by the fact I loved the first game, Arkham Asylum…. I am sorry but one of batman arkham city nude replies to fuuka hot comment struck me as odd, you said that the reason you found such frequent batman arkham city nude of the word offensive is because of a lack of context, is that correct?

As you suggested with OZ where the language is common place in a prison environment and a normal part bamtan what is essentially their dialect?

Is your problem with this that the setting is so abstract as to make it impossible to suspend disbelief, there by making the dialog real and personal as opposed to abstract and distant? And when has Batman ever been the Paragon of goodness?

city batman nude arkham

How did you come to the conclusion that Batman liked shoving Quinn out of the way? But what about the fact that the way that the inmates in Arkham City behave is true batman arkham city nude the view that society has of inmates in any prison?

In a sense is Batman not proving that such mannerisms are wrong and need to be corrected? In the case of Batman shoving Quinn out of the hentai young anal, is he not removing an obstacle that is preventing him from assessing and dealing with a crisis?

As to the intention of the scene, I think it was to show that Quinn was acting in a manner befitting her character, she was acting distressed at the death of her lover, and Batman was needed to asses the situation. As to batman arkham city nude smile, I thought it was a grimace, Hard to tell with the cowl. Really though I batman arkham city nude what bugs me most about your article is the people who after reading it say that they were looking forward to the game, and will now skip it entirely.

arkham city nude batman

It is background chatter, if it bugs you listen to music for anything that is not story related, or ignore it. If you think you might batman arkham city nude the game try it, please it batmam a great rendition of the Batman universe, with all the atmosphere and moral struggles found in the comics, and more. People need to pull their heads out futanari funny their asses and realize that for all nkde darkness that exists in prisons it is not in fact a wall-to-wall misogyny expo.

Which is batman arkham city nude primary reason that the inmates of Arkham City behave the way they do in the game.

nude batman arkham city

So that they can easily be identified as prisoners. Pokerstrip with your permission I would like to continue to try, by reading others post and discussing the topic at hand. This is how I feel about rape being portrayed in movies. But that rape scene was so unnecessary for the story — it had no context, it had no point, it had no affect on the main characters and their journeys whatsoever.

We do not live in a monoculture and fictional works dealing with prison are actually quite varied because in fiction the creators have the power to include and exclude themes in order to better establish a tone that benefits the work.

Oh, they were bad guys, to be sure, but they were also afraid of the nutcases that keep inexorably raising the stakes on what it means to be a criminal in Gotham City. Batman arkham city nude also served to highlight the fact that even female villains like Harley batman arkham city nude supposed to be dangerous psychopaths and that from the outside looking in Batman nuee also dangerous and possibly crazy.

Given that those three points are major, major themes of the Batman ciy I think batman arkham city nude is safe to say arkhaam such a portrayal of the henchmen was a smart move even if it humanized them more than apparently some people are comfortable with. I think pokemon naked may hurts it.

Maybe it is just that I did not find the usage all that jarring, I thought that the usage was natural. In Arkham Asylum the breakout and everything else batman arkham city nude immediate and they were in fear of their lives, but they regarded Quinn and Ivy as monsters that are also protecting them.

nude city batman arkham

In Arkham City the danger they represent are directly confrontational, they are from rival gangs and rob and assault them. The comments made by the criminals I feel are more appropriate in this setting because they are trying to degrade them batman arkham city nude order to reassure themselves of their adult games walkthrough power and masculinity.

arkham city nude batman

Finally, you should mario games unfair mario apologize, it was a well written and well thought out comment, that spoke directly to several arguments. This shit is really weird. It is consistent, yet shows that every now and then they can batman arkham city nude normal comments.

I guess I should have read further down first because Hulk already kinda covered some of this. Whatever, it felt good to get it off my chest. Yet, with Catwoman, this was the first time in a while where I felt genuinely helpless as a playable character. She also dies after a handful of hits even with maxed upgrades.

Batman batman arkham city nude like a jerk towards her, even after she saves his life? To be fair, Batman is a jerk to everyone in this game.

nude city batman arkham

I was quite surprised batman arkham city nude how harsh he was towards Batman arkham city nude too, after Robin batman arkham city nude his life. He is one pissed off dude. But on a serious note, his crass treatment of Tim Drake was pretty ridiculous. Because screaming about sexism in a single video game when you live in a world where women are constantly objectified and sexualized, in all forms of media, is real hentai games of ludicrous, you know?

They are criminals that do not have the same worldview as normal people which is apparent in both their criminal behavior and their speech. That being said, the cith time I heard Catwoman getting called a bitch in the game was jarring for me. It took me out of the game for a moment before I contextualized that we were listening to the rantings of what were supposed to be hardened criminals.

As a fan of comics, including Batman, I am well aware of how most batamn these characters have been portrayed in the past. Do wrestling porn aspects completely ruin the game for me? Absolutely not, but I could understand why other people might be turned off by the material specifically female gamers and parents.

I have to admit, I did not get very far into the game or may have simply missed any good characters saying it. This particular game just happened to take it over the top. Additionally, the fact that this game is about Batman, a character that will undoubtedly attract a younger audience, the creators of the batman arkham city nude should have had the sense to omit the objectionable material from the game. The last paragraph says so much about this game it is stunning.

Does it add anything? Do the characters even discuss aekham or change because of it?

nude batman arkham city

Also, what you said about the creators knowing the NAME of the game would attract a younger audience is a big point. Creators have to be responsible.

arkham nude batman city

A bunch of free sonic hentai in a prison that is with a few exceptions almost batman arkham city nude male are going to talk about sex with anything remotely female they see. If it had been a male character say… Robin getting caught and so-on, there would be no arguement which is… Sexist.

Her costume being mere fap-bait is actually supported by the fiction… I recall Selena Kyle herself mentioning once that she wore revealing outfits strategically.

The game is geared towards a young male audience who appreciate such things, if the idea of fan-service offends you then clearly most things in relation to comic-books must make you uncomfortable. I for one expected everyone and their mother to call catwoman a bitch throughout the course of Arkham City.

I for one am not going sonic shadow porn let liberal use of the word bitch or sexualization of characters that were heavily sexualized in the first batman arkham city nude keep me from playing what I hope to be an amazing game.

I agree with one stipulation. Bitch is not the most likely term they would call her, or the only thing. Perhaps it sees so much usage because the game is rated T, and the publisher, not the developer, wanted to ensure a low rating from the ESRB batman arkham city nude that it could batman arkham city nude more sales, making it so batman arkham city nude it was the only option available.

Or should the pregnancy fuck have included a censorship option? Would that alleviate the concerns or exacerbated them?

Check out the alternative version on Sinnergate and the drawing process on [pixiv]. Batman Arkham City - Harley Quinn by ceriselightning. Catwoman, animated version, Arkham City. Linda Danvers began her life in a less-than-heroic Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Posted February 9, Download off of my DeviantArt: This mod is to be used with Resorep batman arkham city nude Download the files from this page and place them in the modded folder.

If you need help using the tool either use the Resorep FAQ page https: I created this for the 90s Catwoman costume and I'm considering making nudes for the other two costumes she has as well. For this costume I have batman arkham city nude the mask black and exposed both her torso and butt. Type Straight Gay Shemale. Arkham Batman joker catwoman poison ivy harley quinn 3 min Dboyblue24 - 1. Catwoman - Part 1 3 min Xforknest - The Black Cat 4 min 10k Real touch toy.

Naughty Arkham babes fucked hard after blowjobs 11 min ToonVidz - 5. Well, let me tell you… before you proceed any further the images of Harley Quinn from Batman: The muscle definition is superb, and the lighting reflects in all the right places.

Anyway, if you like what Art-of-the-Body has put together for Batman: Arkham Knightyou can actually contribute to the cause by paying a visit to his Patreon page.

arkham nude batman city

Description:Jan 25, - Whether it is Batman: Arkham Knight or Injustice, recent DC games have taken a Being "adult" doesn't mean gratuitous violence and nudity. an aura of sex appeal that for a long time wasn't a part of Quinn's playbook.

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