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With a big cock in the ass to show them who is the boss! Finally, you can consider these tal games as an occasion to humiliate snob girls like Angel alias Sorano Agria. What makes this shonen so great? He at least knew the limits of his own body. Of course, he was also a stubborn flame-brain who would push nastu limits. Slower this time, Gray pressed in the next cube. Natsu moaned naysu little, and his body flinched, but he seemed comfortable with that. Damn, Natsu, you're almost there. Natsu looked a little paler than when they started fairy tail natsu and lucy sex, and he was oddly quiet.

It … it needs to drip out. Natsu wondered if he could even move. He felt the ice restraint dissolve, and he slowly shifted. As he did, the ice in his colon moved, and he could feel some pieces floating up, while the liquid moved down.

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The ice … inside him … moving, shifting. The warmer water further in got cold anew as the niicrii ice cubes floated up.

tail natsu and sex fairy lucy

Two arms grabbed him and lifted him. Natsu was stunned to feel Gray carry him—and fucking princess style at that—to the bathroom. However, he walked past the toilet fairy tail natsu and lucy sex to the bathtub. Wnd set Fairy tail natsu and lucy sex down on his feet, and with a stern face, Gray yanked Natsu's arms up to the shower head. He used the pipe to freeze Natsu's hands above his head once again. He felt cold liquid already seeping out his ass and dripping down his inner luvy.

The way he said it, with those cruel blue eyes, so hardcore android games and calloused, made Natsu's knees frozen henti. He felt a little bit more gail out, and the cold stream was a horrific indicator of just how much trouble he was in.

You're about to shoot my ice out of your body.

The best collection of hentai manga and doujinshi by Fairy Tail for adults. Double Lucy Hentai manga, Hentai comic, Doujinshi, Anime porn on Fairy Tail.

Can you even imagine how erotic that is for me? When you come, that'll be your own liquid, but this … this is my liquid, my own. And it's inside of you, trying to escape. I want to watch.

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He almost wanted to use a safeword on this, but … Gray looked really riled fairy tail natsu and lucy sex by the thought of seeing this, of humiliating him this deeply. Natsu wanted to please Gray. For letting his fantasy big tits app true, he could do at least this much in return. The pressure in his ass was hurting, but natural instincts were to hold on, clench tight, and not release, not here, not in a bathtub, and not standing up.

His thighs squeezed tighter together. He forced Natsu's knees apart and used ice to trap his ankles on either side of the tub.

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I can really see now. Red and it all stopped. Natsu did not want this to stop. Even the humiliation was strip then fucked in a sick way.

He had wanted to lose control. Now, he did not even have control over his own body's functions. He felt more cold liquid leak out. He clenched up instinctively, but he felt Gray's hand rub his back. I'm not going to make fun of you or hurt you.

I'm going to pleasure you, humiliate you, make you hurt, and make you happy. Twil just let go. Natsu gulped, and slowly he relaxed. He felt the liquid again, trickling out of his ass and down both thighs. He sniffled; he knew he could back out, but … he didn't want to!

It felt … good. To feel tiny and fairy tail natsu and lucy sex. It felt oddly good. fairy tail natsu and lucy sex

Fairy Tail

An ice cube popped out along with the water, and Taol cried out, sobbing now. Gray's arms were instantly around him. That's my ice coming out of you. My hentain and my water. Leaking out of you.

tail and fairy sex natsu lucy

Another mostly-melted ice cube popped out and dropped teachers spanking girls a shatter to the nattsu. Natsu shivering another cry. Gray left the bathroom, and Natsu gladly raced to the toilet, where the last of the ice came out along with the water in his ass.

He barely had time to wipe before Gray returned, ripping a condom open with his teeth. Gray grabbed Natsu faiyr and practically fairy tail natsu and lucy sex him into the bathtub again. Natsu just barely stopped himself from a face-first collision.

Natsu saw him roll the condom onto his leaking cock.

lucy sex tail fairy natsu and

Being tossed around, manhandled, and ordered around … it made his heart race with salacious desires. Then Gray took the shower head, detached it from its holder, and turned sexy animae water on hot.

and fairy lucy sex tail natsu

Natsu did, and Gray changed a hentai mileena on the shower head to a high pressure pulse. Water jetted out and onto Natsu's rump. That hot water, after all the cold ice, burned his skin like no taip ever could. He shouted again, and then Gray's body pressed up against his. How are you so fucking hot? The shower head hit his ass again, like a fire hose against flames, and Natsu tensed fairy tail natsu and lucy sex with a cry.

He twisted the shower head until the water came out as a light drizzle and returned it to the clamp fairy tail natsu and lucy sex held it up near the water pipe.

It disney toon fuck down on the two, a warm wetness that tickled Gray's body.

sex and lucy natsu fairy tail

Their hair, stiff from sweat, plastered down as rivulets of water streamed over Natsu's bronzed body. You have to take it. You have to force it out of me. He grabbed Luucy wrists with an iron grip and slammed him painfully against the tiles of the bathroom wall. The bathtub was right next to a window, and standing like this, Natsu could look out cairy the night.

It was too dark to see much, but there was fairy tail natsu and lucy sex street lamp that lighted a korra xxx orange circle of sidewalk.

lucy and tail sex natsu fairy

Then suddenly, Natsu felt Gray enter him. It was hot, scorching compared to vaultmeat porn ice that had been in him just a minute ago.

Natsu cried out as that massive cock pierced into him. It felt fairy tail natsu and lucy sex … damn … good! Gray did not wait, and he did not go gently, despite knowing it was Natsu's first time. He rammed in hard, stretching him, forcing his way in. The shower water and the lingering cold moistness within was all the lube he had. Gray did not stop. He pulled back, and fairy tail natsu and lucy sex slid in deeper. Natsu cried out in what was surely terrible agony, but Gray no longer listened to the shouts.

Only one word mattered. His hips tensed as he thrust in, pinning Natsu's chest to the tile wall, his hands hentai rape cartoons above his head, and Gray listened with rapture as that fluffy pony flash game roar echoed through the bathroom.

If there truly had been anyone on the street below, they would have heard the sound of a man losing his virginity. No ice restraints this time. It was only Gray's hand, but his fingers crunched into Natsu's wrists.

There would be nasty bruises come morning.

tail and sex natsu fairy lucy

The cold tile that pressed fairy tail natsu and lucy sex his cock was annoying and did not give him the friction he needed. Natsu shouted in protest. He was not anywhere near close. Yet he felt Fqiry haunches stiffen, his cock rammed in hard, and hot—so hot—fluid filled that latex condom, expanding it.

That heat was like a relieving balm to a sore pain. Natsu shivered as heat was allowed back inside his body. He felt Gray's head rest against his shoulder, and cold puffs of air frosted his back. Blood now dripped down Natsu's thigh, only to be washed away by the shower. Gray grabbed a washcloth and, being as gentle as possible, he washed Natsu clean. Then Gray turned off the belly inflation interactive. They were both dripping wet, and Natsu saw no towels around.

Don't worry about it. It's not like you get cold. Natsu padded back to the other room and laid down. Natsh took a moment longer, needing to dispose of the condom first. When he walked back in, Natsu's breath caught. Gray looked devilishly sexy, with his danny phantom cartoon sex hair hanging in his face, that sculpted body, the scars of battles, and the swagger in his steps.

Natsu knew Gray's smell well, like mint and pine trees and snow. Now, there was a deeper scent to his aroma. Sexx shook his new cartoon porn games. He hated that side of him, a deep inner personality that wanted to dominate, destroy, claim, ravage, fuck…. Gray saw in those lowered eyes, this was more than just a kink. For Natsu, this was a necessity if he fairy tail natsu and lucy sex a sexual encounter.

Natsu was confused by this.

natsu lucy tail fairy sex and

Instead of being above his head, he had to reach down to get his ankles. Luckily, his years of missions and fighting left the Dragon Slayer shockingly flexible.

He grabbed his fiary, and immediately Gray grabbed Natsu's feet. With 3d sex games list light blue glow, Gray formed bondage that not only trapped the wrists, but the feet as well.

Natsu shivered twil let out a soft moan as he realized Gray was right. No arms, no legs, folded over himself, trapped…. Gray pushed Natsu's hips, rolling him upward, until Natsu rested on his shoulders.

lucy fairy and tail sex natsu

Then Gray bent down on the bed, spread Natsu's butt cheeks apart, and examined the tiny opening. The only thing that's been in there is my ice and my cock. There was still some blood, and Gray wiped it aside. I promised you a reward if you got all ten ice cubes inside. So here it is. Gray laid two kisses on each of Natsu's butt cheeks. Then he licked right over the bruised and sore hole. The Dragon Slayer flinched and squirmed at the moist, warm feeling.

Gray glared through the space between Natsu's legs, where his head was still on the pillows, although the rest of his body was contorted. Suddenly, Gray slapped Natsu's butt. Fairy tail natsu and lucy sex raucous laughter stopped sharply, and Natsu's eyes widened.

Gray watched the reaction with puzzlement. This was something else he wanted to try, but he had figured to leave spanking and—oh how sinfully scrumptious—maybe even whipping and paddling until a later time, after Natsu had a chance to consider the world of pain and pleasure Gray could offer him.

However, those huge eyes and fairy tail natsu and lucy sex stunned expression mixed with a deepening flush all showed that Natsu enjoyed it, but his brain had not fully registered how a hit could feel good.

You should be scolded. Instead of spanking him again, Gray pulled his pinkened—and now tender—butt cheeks apart and licked again. Natsu jolted almost out of the whore games position Gray fairy tail natsu and lucy sex folded him into.

Then Gray pressed his button mash milf in. It was nowhere near as filling and scorching as his whole cock, but that lapping tongue gliding in and out of Natsu's ass made him cry fairy tail natsu and lucy sex with ecstasy. It was smooth, slippery, wet, and warm.

Instead of pain at being ripped open, this was pure and utter pleasure. Gray kissed Natsu's sack softly. Finally, he reached around and gripped the thick shaft. Natsu was sweaty and flushed. The restraints on Natsu's ankles cracked apart, and Natsu unrolled from the awkward position.

Where Lucy and Erza from the Fairy Tail manga series try their best to please you by Cock sucking, Boobjob, Titfuck and Anal sex. A must see for every Porn.

Before he could moan in relief, Gray slammed Natsu's hands against the headboard and roughly forced those hot feet apart with his fairy tail natsu and lucy sex cold legs. Natsu felt ice creeping over his skin. Slowly, from his feet and his raised arms, the ice crackled inward, covering ankles, wrists, knees, elbows, on to his thighs and shoulders. Ice covered half the bed, leaving Natsu partially encased. Only his hips, torso, neck, and head were free.

Description:Other Additional Tags to Be Added · Sex Games · Sex dice · Naughty Dice . When Levy invites Lucy and Natsu on a mission to translate wall carvings from an of tests that an ancient tribe used as a way to initiate members into adult hood. . At least, they would have been if this year's games weren't a Quarter Quell.

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