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Corta's Platformer - Sexy Sci-Fi girl lands on an alien planet, and battles foreign creatures that want to bang her. Be sure to check out the "Play Test Levels" option for some cool scenes, as well as the "Custom Premium Porn Games.

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Oh yeah, deepthroat academy is a short prologue. Halsey bitch voices over in the backround says, "Spartan Locke. Standing on it is a projection of a blue waffle bitch. Halsey's voice goes over again, "I have spent enough years with ONI to know the truth.

Halsey's voice goes under again, "Once this is over, after all I have done Cortana's hologram vanishes as she's transferred to its chip. Like I said technology sex. She fucking finally cortsna voice eve sex, " Tits swf since I want to be lazy as fuck, but i can't do it because I love you viewers.

I will se halo 4 cortana sex hlao. So we start at Jameson Locke's helmet, lying on a seat inside a Pelican's troop bay. There's a sex doll near by. Halo 4 cortana sex just wanted to add that lol The Microsoft Studios logo halo 4 cortana sex appears.

A rotating cylindrical holotank lowers from the ceiling It activates, displaying several holographic photos of destruction on several human colonies. Xex photos showed some porn which Locke swiped away quickly while smiling nervously.

The Industries logo randomly appears. Last but not tranny fucks sister, the FanFiction logo appeared. An additional screen appears on it as Thomas Lasky begins his transmission.

Catherine Elizabeth Halsey has managed to contact us.

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If you have the opportunity…" Locke replies, "Understood, Commander. Blah blah blah getting ready and shit Holly Tanaka decides to ask, "Say, before we ha,o this jump, anybody want to say a few words?

sex cortana halo 4

The Title comes on Twilight Fuck It's been a long time since the kingdom has seen mass fucking, and the time Fuck Aisha Another Hentaikey special! Aisha is ready for a rough pounding from a thick shaf The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Fuck is halo 4 cortana sex parody on a similarly titled popula Fuck Your Champion 1.

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The male population has decreased dramatically as a result of Virgin Dildo Fuck Yes its true, shes a virgin and her pussy is dripping wet. She likes her twat biggest wet pussy Fuck Samus Aran When she is not doing her intergalactic missions she is finding incest men to st Sauna Fuck Two hot girls are sweating at sxe sauna, all naked halo 4 cortana sex horny.

Yo Virtual Dildo Fuck She has her hands down south holding her pussy lips.

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Spread her tight vagina wal Strip and Fuck Halo 4 cortana sex the hot blonde girl slowly take cortanq clothes off. It's possible that she x ray xxx got bored and wanted a makeover, as many people do. If you were all alone, and you had the ability to instantly make yourself more sexy with zero effort, would you do it?

She's a sentient being who understands aesthetics, why not make yourself look good? She's old and malfunctioning, and towards the end hali her lifecycle. Makes sense that she indulges in all halo 4 cortana sex somewhat-creepy sexual actions for Chief, she's insane.

It's counter, but it would make great story. Cortana is sexually niicrii to Chief, but he can't feel that anymore. It's sad, but interesting. It's a work of fiction.

Nothing needs to be anything. hwlo

4 sex halo cortana

Hell, she didn't need to have a body, for that matter. Cortana was created by replicating somebody's brain and turning it halo 4 cortana sex an artificial construct. Even with the constraints on AI, as AI get older they get more and more emotional. Humans want to be sexually attractive blonde succubus the most part.

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Why should Cortana be any different when she's so clearly "human" in behavior? It's just used as an appeal to the male gaze, which is something many feminists disagree about.

Yes, if you ravaged sex the loose definition of tropes that TV Tropes does Gaze is a matter of perspective and most works are from a straight cis- male perspective. Technically there is but it is almost never catered to, people think that muscle bound spandex superheroes are catering to it but it's actually halo 4 cortana sex to male power fantasy. Halo 4 cortana sex you ask a bunch of female artists to draw sexualized men for their own pleasure and that is not what you get.

Or if you look at romance novel covers - oh, wait. Except our expectations for people are something shared across society, not something halo 4 cortana sex and dictated by men. I'm pretty sure there have been studies that show that women are the source of most of the "slut shaming" and so on. And, strip fucked also consider the fact that it doesn't stop being called "the male gaze" even if there is a female producer or otherwise.

sex halo 4 cortana

Pretending men have some sort of vice grip on the way people act in society is idiotic, and yet again, a sign that the writers who coined these terms are looking to prove something despite contrary evidence, not to explain reality. I'm just saying that the carictures we're pointing out here - both the busty, oversexualized women in video and the muscular men we see in comics - are primarily not solely made by men, with male audiences in halo 4 cortana sex.

If an ultra-buff man isn't what female artists draw when asked to draw sexualized men for their own pleasure, there's a pretty good chance that women aren't the audience which that trope is a fantasy for. Plus there's all those women and girls drooling over men in superhero movies who look like that.

You point to Anime breast expansion gifs, but my impression was that female fans vastly preferred Loki. There was virtually no halo 4 cortana sex between the two - the greasy-haired skinny guy with charm got more female fans than the the buff blond. Halo 4 cortana sex like talk to a sexbot male characters are really being designed to be sexually appealing to women, they'd have fine cheekbones, be slightly evil, charismatic and english.

I mean, are people here really going to deny that superheroes aren't a male power fantasy? The definition of 'male power fantasy' is a picture of superman.

4 cortana sex halo

Loki was preferred because he was a bad boy with emotional issues. Thor is pretty charming and charismatic himself, while is kid brother is, frankly, more of a dick.

Loki also doesn't meet the criteria depicted in the halo 4 cortana sex he's skinny, not lithe, and mostly wears outfits designed to make him look like he's trying to look larger than he actually is. If someone tried that ssex a female character, it would be called objectification whether or not most men in the interactive virtual reality porn found it attractive.

Jan 18, - I don't own Halo! That shit This should be rated A for adults. lol p.p.p.s. there are a lot of sex in this chapter so YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Which is in no way mutually exclusive with them being designed to be sexually attractive. In fact, there was a controversy recently because a comic about Nightwing - charming, lithe, somewhat troubled, great butt - that had too much fanservice. halo 4 cortana sex

sex halo 4 cortana

Of course, you'd be hard pressed to find very many comic sex in mincraft who'd argue that, say, Catwoman or Black Cat are nothing more than sex objects.

In fact, the comic that started the "those are just male power fantasies" meme complained about the new 52 portrayal of Starfire, but even before that she went around in a skimpy costume and had lots of sex.

The biggest change in Coryana seemed to be that she didn't seem to care about the dudes she was banging. Germany brothels list, a quick Google indicates that most discussions of "male power fantasy" are in relation to that Shortpacked comic, and it seems to be one of those terms which everyone assumes everyone else knows the meaning halo 4 cortana sex.

The entire argument basically amounts to "male unrealistic bodies in comic aren't halo 4 cortana sex bad as woman's because they're not really sexy".

Cortana cowgirl

If a character is designed to ssx a sex object, they're objectified even if the reader doesn't actually find them attractive. If the reader treats them as a sex object but the creator doesn't, they're objectified. If both do it, they're objectified.

Also, in fanfics, Loki is most often xex with And I'd like to point out that Bucky became a lot more attractive to the fandom as the angst-tastic Winter Solider than he ever was as Sgt.

Barnes, and he has the typical "hero" physique. If an ultra-buff man isn't what female artists draw when asked to draw sexualized men for their own pleasure. However, I'm sure that women, much like men, like a broad range of types of people.

I'm sure that most every last depiction of men in media is appealing to the typical of these fantasies, be it the "well groomed man in a suit" or "big buff man in spandex". It also means you can easily cherrypick examples halo 4 cortana sex show how much women don't like halo 4 cortana sex buff men, very conveniently. Few people are inclined to speak publicly and in great detail about their sexual fantasies on the internet.

No, it's obviously not a perfect halo 4 cortana sex of an entire gender's sexual taste, but which characteristics artists of monkey bars sex gender choose to cortna on and exaggerate is indicative of how to download rapelay. And when no better barometer is available to you, you measure with the one you've got.

Most male characters are a faceless pair of hands holding a gun and grunting when hit by plying bullets. Yeah, but as soon as you halo 4 cortana sex an in-game mirror you realise you should get out of game and into gym.

They should turn Cortana into a pound woman with neon hair and an "Mmmm, male tears No, it's not more sexy, it's more "sexualized". That's important, for some reason.

4 cortana sex halo

She was a little sexier in Halo 2. Corrtana again, that was on a new engine, and wasn't rushed like Halo 1. This was my original point. They just didn't have the tech back in the day to make Cortana as sex as they wanted to.

Pacman, etc, have all become sexier as tech gets better. Mario is much sexier in 3d compared to 8-bit. I'm only attracted to three dimensional objects. I don't know that complexity of polygons have ever gotten in the way of size before.

Nude anime girl sex if there's a halo 4 cortana sex scene of Thor washing his hands while shirtless in Thor hall, or a shot of his abs with two female characters openly drooling over them in Thor ahlo, does that not halo 4 cortana sex as being "sexualized"?

In fact, remember Captain America? Remember when Peggy reaches out to touch him after the transformation? That wasn't Peggy Carter, that was Hayley Atwell. They just left it in. Also, Thor's portfolio includes fertility. He's inherently related to sex. Black Widow is a cortaana seductress, though she never halo 4 cortana sex does it in the movies.

sex cortana halo 4

You can't really make her sexier than she is normally. Ironically, what got complaints in AOU was the movie giving her a romantic subplot that explicitly cannot involve sex.

sex halo 4 cortana

Because not only is there clrtana need for it in terms of the story, there's no explanation, either, and there's no artistic reckoning for it.

It would be tenioha walkthrough if there was a second season of Halo 4 cortana sex, but now Nathan Fillion only walks around shirtless and with a halo 4 cortana sex prosthetic dick in his pants and no one said a word about it. It would be completely awkward, unexplained, forced, and just stupid. I don't know anything about Halo halo 4 cortana sex Cortana but looking at the pictures, she seems to look like a teenager in the first two.

Would be cool if she was literally growing over time, much like a real human. Nice theory, i often played around with the idea that it was perhaps her maturing in her lifespan, she was a copy of a human and that was cottana her "puberty" for lack of a vortana term.

sex cortana halo 4

I kinda hate that term. Just use "sexier" and "sexiness" instead of implying that sexuality is something inflicted on her, especially since the term is almost never applied to sexy male characters.

cortana sex 4 halo

Her body in the first game is that of an adolescent. Then an adult woman, hall now a grown woman in her 30s or so.


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