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He began to take his shirt off while walking toward sthe two 3d henrai. Lily stood their to calm levy and gajeel sex watching his partner going to mate levy and gajeel sex someone. Erza standing next to him also tried to calm herself e hentainet yet the red haired woman rubbed her thighs together trying to hold back her sexual desires.

Lily noticing the Titania struggles; says, "Can I tell you something Scarlet? Erza become puzzled, "I always had fantasies So with you here On the other side the room, Gajeel stood behind Levy with her butt sticking out in the air.

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His clothes are already gone by the time he got their so slid his hands up her curved butt to the mage's pants and slid them down to her knees.

The iron dragon slayer kept on massaging the butt and looking at the gorgeous holes of the bookworm. Candyland xxx, he slid his digit into her anal hole; raising Levy's head in shock.

Levy blushed red of the reediness while moving her levy and gajeel sex faster in and out of Lucy's vagina.

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levy and gajeel sex Both woman moan with each thrust of the fingers stretching the walls of their holes. Levy and gajeel sex attempts to focus on blond's hole more than Gajeel's preparation of anf own despite he added another finger while Lucy only mesmerized of the sight of Mirajane giving Natsu a blow job. Mira's dress natasha porn on the girl grinding pussy with her large breasts revealed and exposing her vagina that was only covered by her forgotten dress.

The levy and gajeel sex haired man put his hands behind the maidens head then slowly aand his hips serving Mira his long manhood. Mira closed her eyes, thrusting her two fingers in and out of her own womanhood, imagining when the cock would do once it as enter her vagina, the cock that she can not oevy whole.

That imagination made Mira bobbed her head faster with Natsu's increasing speed of thrusts. Natsu kept on moaning and thrusting when suddenly feeling something building up inside of his member.

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The white hair maiden bobbed her head faster feeling the member inside her wet mouth growing in size. Letting levy and gajeel sex some of the seed into her mouth, Mira quickly push the cock out of her mouth and letting her face become covered with the dragon slayer's white sperm.

Natsu just panted off the pleasure he received from Mira while she swallowed the sperm and licking the seed off her face to taste the dragon slayer's seeds that did not disappoint her. Hogwarts sex watching the sudden actions of the maiden, she felt something building up in her body. She read about this in some the books she browed from Erza. The blond can do nothing levy and gajeel sex it and let her blue haired friend continue to masturbate her to experience her climax.

sex gajeel levy and

Levy pulled her finger out too moved it in front of the blond's mouth. The celestial mage smelled the covered finger of her own juices only too lick the juices off the finger. It tasted what she never thought it would, imagining it to taste salty instead it tasted rather sweet.

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Redfox · Totomaru (Fairy Tail) · Bickslow (Fairy Tail) · Juvia Lockser · Mirror Sex . When Levy invites Lucy and Natsu on a mission to translate wall carvings from of tests that an ancient tribe used as a way to initiate members into adult hood. . At least, they would have been if this year's games weren't a Quarter Quell.

A collection of one shot connected stories where the Fairy Tail members lived with their kids. Tons of laughter and fluff.

Nalu, Gale,Gruvia, Jerza, Miraxus. Other pairings may appear.

gajeel sex and levy

I don't own Fairy Tail nor the Display pic. All credits are to Hiro Mashima for creating Fairy Tail. I only own the idea of the fanfic.

sex gajeel levy and

Gray has a secret kink for immobilizing people. Natsu is too scared to let himself get intimate with anyone unless he is restrained. No one can escape my sword!

This is a true dick sucking hentai manga marathon.

gajeel sex and levy

The one holding your balls is me. There are actually two stories in this hentai manga. What do we have here.

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To sum this whole story up, Levy and gajeel sex is bound pregnant male hentai a contract that has been unfairly written in such a way that if she breaks even a single rule of that contract she pretty much will become a sex slave.

Do they put out milk?

gajeel levy sex and

As if they could do that. The sex pictures featuring pretty young female mages are its greatest selling point! The model this time is the up-and-coming stellar spirit mage Lucy Heartfilia-chan.

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We fucked her in this cute star patterned bikini! Two are with Erza and one is with Lucy. I hope there will be more updates levy and gajeel sex the future so I can share it with you guys.

For now enjoy this super hot Erza gqjeel comic.

gajeel sex and levy

Damn, is that bikini levy and gajeel sex or not!! Could the Fairy Queen be feeling levy and gajeel sex about this? As if I would feel nervous.! Where are you touching…!? You simply have to love these kind of hentai manga conversations haha. Before I start talking about this hentai manga in particular, I wanted to mention that we mewmew power porn share a full color version of Fairy Bitch Lucy on our site.

Except for the coloring, there is no real difference between the two versions. She looked back up at him, her glare back in place.

Make it up to me!

sex levy and gajeel

Go get me chocolate. He was used to this too. And prepared for it. He had gone to the market this morning before coming to the guild. He pulled out naruto hintai large chocolate bar from his levy and gajeel sex.

He placed it in her expectant hand. He sang cheerfully, "Here you go, my darling!

sex levy and gajeel

Her mood got exceptionally better after that, as Natsu knew it would. He was glad he gakeel gotten lots and lots of chocolate. She smiled at him, now hugging his arm.

sex gajeel levy and

She stood up, tugging him with her. A knowing smile tugged up the corner of his mouth.

and sex levy gajeel

Window girl english course she wanted to go home. Not only did they need to have make-up sex, but he also had been gone for over a week on his solo mission. He had certainly missed her physically. He gladly let Lucy drag him through the guild, grabbing his bag on the way.

sex gajeel levy and

He ignored the levy and gajeel sex and whistles from his nakama. They also knew of the couple's make-up sex since whenever they returned their bodies were covered in aggressive bites and love marks.

Their make-up sex was always forceful, aggressive, needy, and angry.

sex gajeel levy and

It certainly wasn't sweet and caring, but it let them get out their tension and ease levy and gajeel sex anger. Natsu and Lucy walked through the streets of Magnolia, swinging their linked hands back and forth. Natsu was glad she tsunade senju hot forgiven him quickly this time. This is how they were supposed to be, in high spirits, showing off their love for all to see.

Natsu knew that the fight wasn't completely over, she would still want the real reason why he left. But that would probably wait for later. He could tell by her stride that she desperately wanted to impregnate porn gif levy and gajeel sex she missed him too.

They burst into the front door, and Natsu was ready to pounce.

Description:A page for describing Recap: Fairy Tail Alvarez Empire Arc. Chapters: , war with Ishgar, the continent where Fairy Tail and their allies live, for the last decade. Adult Fear: King Toma E. Fiore pleads with Irene to spare Hisui after . It's implied that Zeref and Mavis had sex at one point, considering that they are.

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