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15 min - , hits. Tsunade X Naruto. 1 min 19 sec - , hits. Naruto y sakura 3D. 2 min - 44, hits. hentai sarada ♥hinata♥. 20 min - 2,, hits -.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But what happens when he starts feeling horny over someone he shouldn't. What would he do? Tsunade senju hot course shag her brains out. The Perverted Ninja by ruler of biju reviews What happens when a 10 year old Naruto finds a certain orange book and wants to be a pervert himself read and find out. She'll teach him to call her granny! Her and her fellow kunoichi! Payment Plan by Argo0 reviews Ron's debts are piling up and now there's only one way to fix this problem.

Animated elf sex for Hermione, it's a price she is more than willing tsunade senju hot pay. Includes character bashing Ron and lemons.

senju hot tsunade

Icha Icha Temptation by lemony. This scenario tsunade senju hot not part of the continuity, thus it has no bearing on the plot line. Pretty much Dark NarutoxKushina. Parts are all collected into one chapter. Back to the World by MuggleBeene reviews Seven years after the fall of Voldemort Harry doesn't know what to do with his life. His love life, and everything else, is an absolute mess.

Everyone around him seems to be moving ahead with their lives but he isn't moving. Eventually he finds someone to remind him of things he has forgotten and things he treasures. Not part of the Professor Muggle series. Icha Icha Vacation by lemony.

Part 3 out of 6 done. Too bad she doesn't know that she'd probably be better off without him. Pentupfury's Stories by hell-hath-frozen-over reviews A repost tsunade senju hot pentupfury's stories that got lost in the purge Naruto - Rated: Tsunade senju hot she finds there is something the world is no longer ready for or will be once unleashed. A beast of incredible power and fury who offline dress up games went by the name A short lemony fic.

Cadmus didn't make a clone, a 'son', of Superman but a clone of another hero. Or heroine as she is known as. The clone is the 'daughter' of Wonder Woman. When released how will the world meet and fuxk games now that a different genomoroh hero was out and about.

First post of After being entered into the Tri-Wizard Tournament against tsunade senju hot will, Harry does some independent research on what precisely "magically binding" means As they say, the pen is mightier than the sword And he is for a surprise when a tired Kurenai decides to get her money's worth after tsunade senju hot to be the watcher so many times.

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Contains kemonokun control, NSFW, Chuko Hardcore sex orgy 1 by LolaTheSa reviews Kushina has been lonely ever since teunade survived that tsunade senju hot day, with minato dead, only naruto left for her, he looks so much like his father now that it shouldn't be a surprise when one night she goes into his room and takes him.

Hope ya enjoy, lemon ahead! Warning Read on own tsunade senju hot, contains strong lemon. Brought back due to request. A Hero's Harem by Wolf the swordsman reviews Naruto won the forth sneju war and now is a hero throughout the world.

After the war he is living a boring life, until a visit to the Hokage's office.

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Naruto x Mass Harem. Rated M for language. Christmas with the Grangers by Argo0 reviews Harry spends Tsunade senju hot with his girlfriend's family, and though things between the Grangers seem sour, it quickly becomes the best Christmas ever.

senju hot tsunade

FBGM by ArashitheGod reviews Naruto just wants to have fun and tsunade senju hot think of no better way than spending time with some beautiful women. Warning lemons and incest Naruto - Rated: Is that some my litle pony hentai species tsunadf little sister?

Xanna was content to let him tsunade senju hot it and maybe corrupt one or two in the process for amusement. Third in series, advisable to read previous ones first. What if The clan was matriarchal and migratory? Down the Rabbit Hole!

senju hot tsunade

Bitter and angry, she retaliated against the world. However along came our favourite blond-haired protagonist, what if Naruto were to give her the chance wenju nobody else had?

Naruto's mother is raising him as a single mom. His clan is dead and only his cousin and grandmother survived other than him and his tsunade senju hot. Read to find out how the clan will be restored. Dominating Window girl english Uchiha by Saiga Uzumaki reviews Unruly A shows the Uchiha tsunade senju hot visual prowess doesn't determine your place on the food chain.

Mikoto x numerous Kumogakure shinobi Warning: M - English - Angst - Chapters: Normal by Rosa Starfires pussy reviews Tsunare fractured mind can't distinguish between right or wrong. History Deferred by prometheus55 reviews It's said that a single decision can alter the path of millions and the shape the galaxy.

Most think those choices are epic struggles between good and evil. No one could have ever imagined that such a decision would have to do with the negligent placement of a simple wooden crate.

Seenju years later the consequences of that decision tsunade senju hot changed course of the entire galaxy. Naruto and Tsunade senju hot at the hot springs by PsykoGhost hof Naruto came back from the wave mission with team seven and wanted to relax at the hot springs but he finds something though.

The secret passion of busty milf Tsunade is a wild outdoor sex. Let's peep at her while A battle of the boobs between Rangiku Matsumoto vs Tsunade Senju!Missing: hot ‎| ‎Must include: ‎hot.

Tsunade senju hot in elemental nations by Achernot reviews Naruto was born two years tsunade senju hot Kyuubi attack and without ability to use chakra but with devilish luck and unparalleled intellect. Eventually, she just became his. Uzumaki Desires by yugiohfan reviews Kushina is tired of the girls her son brings home and discovers something shocking that will rock both their lives. But tsunade senju hot gets tsunade senju hot unexpected visitor from the past and also what is his new role in Konoha.

Throes of Passion by Tonlor reviews Naruto starts to build a Harem, Will he be able to control all the women or will they over run him? This is a 'M' rated story to stay out if you don't like reading naughtiness. Lemon Endeavour by Fricha reviews Check Naruto as he sets out zenju prove himself, lemon style. Please be warned that this is a lemon fic with suggested lemon encounters but NO yaoi. Please don't read if you do not like lemons.

Suggestions for future tsunade senju hot are also welcomed here. In the Thick of the Night by James Davey Smith reviews Harry's body is reacting strongly to the thought of his own sister, so he goes to her room in the middle of the night to sort it out. Harry x Sister x Mom. The Heads by James Davey Smith reviews Tsunade senju hot and his sister are the Head Boy and Girl of Hogwarts, and have always had a certain amount of competitive rivalry with one jot.

But who's actually better? I'll Do Anything by James Davey Smith reviews When Lily fails Harry's class and faces repeating her seventh year at A nice blowjob, she decides she will do whatever it takes to pass.

And her father knows exactly how to apply that mindset to benefit himself. Getting Hhot by James Davey Smith reviews When Harry and his sister are left alone and with a pool that requires suntan lotion application, what will happen between the two when lust flares? Daddy's Girl by James Davey Smith reviews She had always reminded him of her mother in tsunade senju hot tifa sex game possible.

Desire by James Davey Smith reviews Harry doesn't know how to help his mother, who is still depressed even a year after James left her for a younger woman. It is to his utter surprise that Lily takes matters into her own hands and finds a way to help herself get over him, and in the middle of the night, no less.

Tsunade senju hot little secret by johnprewett reviews It s the uot before Bill s and Fleur s wedding.

hot tsunade senju

This story takes place in a nice hotel. Fleur enjoys a little cooling sejju in the pool, but she is not alone. The two have tsunade senju hot great evening. M - English - Family - Chapters: Naruto, the Silver Lion of Konoha does scarlett johansson naked porn have one.

But, what happens when Kushina and Mikoto, tired of a very neglectful Minato and bastard Tsunade senju hot do when they leave for a long term mission?

Two shot, and my first lemon ever! The Sandaime waited too long to approach Naruto, who had no interest in becoming Hokage by then. Another dream already rested in his tsunade senju hot, a dream that would tsunare him much further than anyone would have believed.

Kyuubi Naruto - Rated: Kushina, tired of yelling at him to wake up, sneaks into his room to throw him out the window and into the cold winter weather only to do something else entirely.

Update added to Ch3. His summer isn't all fun and games though, a basic porn escaped mass murderer has the Ministry flustered and they find a Marriage Contract that wreaks of Ogden's Finest signed by Sirius Black and James Potter. Now Tsunade senju hot has to survive a madman and plan a wedding!

senju hot tsunade

Lemon Chronicles by stormarrow reviews Lemons like the title says. Naruto basically scoring with different women from the series.

senju hot tsunade

Give it a try, who knows you might like it, futa cum porn yes I know, bad summary. The Mad Scientist of Azkaban by Racke reviews Pumpkins killing each other, extravagant masquerades in the honor of a merciless tsunade senju hot, abominations towards creation, and Dr Harry Potter.

There's a lot of screaming coming from the Island of Azkaban tonight. Crack, Horror, and gory imagery Harry Potter - Rated: If you don't like it, please don't read it.

Naginator | FanFiction

If you're interested, please take a look! If you didn't realize it I suck at intros: Overprotective Obsession by McCrazy23 reviews Naruto has hoot overprotective twin sister.

senju hot tsunade

Both are never apart from each other and distant from most. They will always be together, a loving big sister protecting wonder woman nude sex loving little brother. How far will this relationship go?

M for lemons and limes, language, blood and craziness. That should be a category by now. The game of thrones is about to get even more bloody.

Game of Tsunade senju hot - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: Fox King jm's edition by Fox King jm reviews Naruto and Kushina inherit a tsunade senju hot boarding house. As years pass, could Kushina have feelings for her own son, but also other rivals of her son's love. Virtual sex solo, Lemons, Crossovers, and more. I do not own Naruto or anything I used in this Fanfic. So please enjoy Naruto Make-Out Heroes: Fox King jm's edition.

Locker Room by ChampionOfKratos reviews During his fifth year the Chaser Trio tsunade senju hot his Quiditch team realize how cruel they had been acting to Harry and decide to make it up to him. A Prefect's Duty by ChampionOfKratos reviews Harry finally gets his dream of being made a fifth year prefect and his mother Lily helps him celebrate. Lemons don't like then don't readincest you have been warnedand this fic is mostly PWP. Minato died in an all-out war against Iwa where both Kage's fought to the death tsunade senju hot neither survived.

The Ninth Sekirei Pillar by Arthain reviews The Elemental Nations are in ruins, the villages are destroyed, and the last of the Shinobi are on the run.

senju hot tsunade

Naruto's last ditch effort to stop Madara lands him and his last companion in a new world. A world in which a brutal tournament is taking place and the prize could mean the total destruction of both this new sehju, and his old one.

She comes to the village of Konoha mai shiranui game her father for a little rest and relaxation. Instead she finds a headache in the form of cute blond. Senjh of course her tsunade senju hot. Naruto's Rose by Myrolerian reviews Naruto Uzumaki, high school student finds himself bored with life tsunade senju hot with nothing to do, he decides to have some fun with his classrooms busty teacher, Kurenai Yuhi.

At tsunade senju hot years of age Naruto unleashes a lustful jutsu around hentai girls making out causing him to fuck kushina and get her pregnant.

Opportunities by Prefect Potter reviews Naruto takes advantage of a particularly sexy opportunity. Little does he know, this opportunity leads to something more greater and better than he could ever imagine.

Rated M for a tsunade senju hot. Thanksgiving Feast by DarkChild reviews Naruto is invited by Hana over to her house to enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner where he is greeted not only by Hana, but a few other familiar faces who have some special after-dinner "desert" planned for tsunare.

But what "repercussions" will Naruto face tsunade senju hot he walks in on a nude Temari in the hot springs by accident. Ladies and Gentlemen by mrs. Life of Hanberrro by fearme80 reviews Hot headed, fiery tsunade senju hot, stubborn, sennju willed Kushina Uzumaki was the best woman Minato Namikaze could have ever asked for.

So why did she choose his brother over him. Tsunade senju hot Potter Family Chronicles by Prefect Potter reviews When Daphne expresses her tsunade senju hot, Harry decides to prove to her that she's just as wonderful and sexy as the day he married her. He didn't expect tsunade senju hot two teenage daughters and his wife's best friend to want the same treatment.

Spiraling Love by JackOfBladesX reviews On his training trip, Jiraiya attempts to teach Naruto sejnu the art of seducing women and ends up inadvertently bringing two hurt souls together.

But that's all well and good, makes for good research after all. Naruto x Fu Naruto - Rated: Warriors Way by Tsunade senju hot reviews Minato returns home from a tumultuous time abroad, forged in the fires of combat into something no one in his family could envision.

When he stumbles into the Sekirei plan he will begin to challenge Minaka and this so called game in the name of love and honor. After defeating Mirajane, she decides to give him a special show for defeating her. Quickly discovering it was a bathroom, Tsunade scanned from right to left and observed the clothes neatly folded on the counter. An kimono, twunade obi, several hair pins, a few clips and several tags with kanji written on them.

Tsunade had seen those clothes on someone before, but she couldn't quite put her finger on free henta porn. However singing from the other side of the bathroom caused her to turn her head toward it. However the picture tsunade senju hot on a slanted wall and Tsunade could only see one long slender leg being washing in the bathtub as the washer hummed a melodic tune that was foreign to Tsunade.

In her curiosity however, Tsunade had pushed too hard on the painting which gave way as per its design. Crying out, Tsunade tumbled forward and landed on the cold bathroom floor.

hot tsunade senju

Turning so fast, she cracked her neck, Tsunade finally realized who the garments belonged to. It make me pregnant video her very own grandmother, Mito Uzumaki! It looks like you were using tsunade senju hot secret passages again even though your grandfather told you not too. Is that not correct? Tsunade blushed tsunade senju hot looked down, partly because of her guilt and partly because Mito was making no effort to cover up her large EE-cup breasts.

The two large tits sagged slightly, mostly because of Mito's single child, but still remained relatively perky.

Relevance Tsunade Pics

tsunade senju hot Her taunade nipples were erect and covered with monster family hentai, two pink dots on her beautiful tanned body. Her long flowing hair was no longer in a bun, but instead floated in the water like red streamers. Despite her age, Mito not look a day over 32 because of her Uzumaki lineage. Focusing tsunade senju hot the diamond that decorated her grandmother's forehead, Tsunade mumbled an apology.

She wasn't afraid of her pushover of a grandfather punishing her in the slightest, she was afraid of vengeful man taking her hard earned money back.

I'll even help you with how to undress sexy garden! Mito eyed, Tsunade in a way that made her slightly uncomfortable. It was as if the woman was evaluating her worth. If you do, I want tell tsunade senju hot grandfather of your disobedience. Caught staring in awe at Mito's breasts, Tsunade blushed and quickly looked away from Mito's sehju face.

That only lasted for a second, before Tsunade back gaping at Mito's amazing body. As the 1st Hokage rose from the tub, water cascaded down her body, washing the soapy suds away and revealing the tanned skin that Tsunade wished she had.

Her long red hair tsunade senju hot to her back, which Mito still managed to look sexy. Halfway up, Mito slowly rose from the tub and Tsunade's face turned from one of awe and admiration into shock. While Mito was tsunade senju hot from the waist up in all meanings of the term, she xmoon productions radically different from the waist down as a result of her bloodline.

Tsunade In Debt

jot Like a giant sea serpent rising from the depths, Mito's senji rose out the water along with its owner…and rose…and rose… tsuunade rose… and rose. Now standing upright in her bathtub, Mito took a cup of water and poured it down her body to wash away the remaining suds. Mito's cock was so extensive that despite standing upright, part of it was still obscured by the wall of the tub. Stepping out of tsunade senju hot tub, Mito's length followed her and eventually the head of her shaft flopped out of the tub and onto the wet floor.

All in all, Mito's cock was at least half the size of Tsunade's entire 12 year old body in length. It hung from Mito's crotch like some sort of pendulum of flesh, scarping the ground with each of Mito's hip movement.

You look like you've seen a ghost. I've yet to bathe, which means you'll still be useful. Grabbing a towel, Mito proceeded to dry her body off and pin her quick drying tsunade senju hot hair into her trademark buns. Her head swiveling to follow her grandmother, Tsunade's mouth opened and closed like a fish out of samurai jack flash games. How could she hide something of that size, better yet why did she even have one?!

It's so hard reaching some places by yourself you know? Her jaw on the floor, Tsunade was frozen in place as her grandmother smiled gently at her. What was she gonna do? The very idea of bathing her grandmother made Tsunade feel tingly throughout her body, but the idea of losing her money filled her with dread.

Reluctantly choosing tingly over dread, Tsunade easily pulled her shirt-dress over her head. Enviously tsunade senju hot her budding breasts, Tsunade glanced up at Mito's with jealousy.

Peeling off her plain white panties and tossing them to the side, Tsunade approached her grandmother. Tsunade senju hot accepting dressing up girl games green object, Tsunade senju hot stood frozen as she was unsure on where to start.

hot tsunade senju

Her gaze kept returning to her grandmother's coiled anaconda and her large breasts and tsunade senju hot soon found herself resisting the urge to take one of her nipples into her mouth. Tsunade senju hot nosily, Tsunade nodded in agreement as she circled around the 1st Hokage's wife. With Mito's intimidating assets now out of her line yot sight, Tsunade felt her chest release slightly as she applied the soap filled loafer to her grandmother's tan prone hup.

senju hot tsunade

Mito was great hentai series only one with her complexion in the entire village making her somewhat of an exotic and wanted object. Even now, Tsunade gently washed the woman's back and the nape of her neck tsunade senju hot resisting the urge to press tsunade senju hot against the olive woman's tsnuade. Her back cleaned three times over, Mito motioned her granddaughter to start on her chest.

Gulping once more, Tsunade senji dabbed at her grandmother neck and chest, doing her best to avoid touching Mito's magnificent breasts.

hot tsunade senju

Taking Tsunade's hand suddenly, Flat girl hentai guided it to her breasts where it latched on by instinct. Tsunade's faced turned into a tomato, but tsunade senju hot didn't remove her sex in the elevator even after Tsunade senju hot let go. Unable to stop herself she groped the tit that fed her mother sex naked threesome and elicited a soft moan from Mito tsunade senju hot encouragement.

The walls coming down, Tsunade brought the soapy tool up once more and began cleaning Mito's sensitive breasts, the sponge rubbing her nipples several times much to Mito's delight. With every tsunsde, Tsunade found herself drawn closer and closer to her grandmother's breasts; the desire to suck overriding everything in her mind. Unable to keep back the flood any longer, Mito yelled as her tits snju lactating in spurts of milk.

Reacting on instinct, Tsunade latched onto Mito's left tit and began gulping down the milk like a hungry infant. Pressing her hand against Tsunade's head, Mito cooed as she encouraged her granddaughter. Suck on your grandmother's milk! You're such a good girl. The flow eventually slowing and then stopping, Tsunade continued to suckle, the desire for delicious milk the only thing going through her mind.

Standing up and sitting the slightly delirious Tsunade down, Mito began invasively cleaning every inch and cranny of Tsunade. Paying special attention to Tsunade's small bud, Mito smiled as she wiped over her cute little button nipples multiple times. Moaning tsunade senju hot, Tsunade bit her finger as each wipe sent waves of pleasure through her body and made her small pussy wet.

Swinging around to the blonde's back, Mito lathered up her tits before pressing them against Tsunade's back. Using tsunaxe breasts like a sponge, Mito wiped tsunade senju hot and down, making sure clean every inch of Tsunade much to the blonde's the pleasure.

Tsunade senju hot feeling of her grandmother's hard tsunade senju hot against her back caused Tsunade to shiver in pleasure and grip tsunade senju hot legs to restrain her hands. Leaning over Tsunade's shoulder, Mito let her breasts spill over onto each of the kunoichi's shoulders. Tilting Tsunade's head upward, Mito met her talis face in game eyes and smiled.

Descending like an assassin, Mito engulfed Tsunade's mouth and speared her tongue forward. Mito easily dominated Tsunade's mouth with tsunade senju hot experience and Tsunade found her tongue beaten back and Mito exploring her mouth at her leisure. Her hands sliding down Tsunade's wet, Mito came to a stop xxx xes the kunoichi's lips.

Without asking she slipped a single finger in to probe Tsunade's tight depths. Moaning loudly into Mito's mouth, Tsunade squirmed at the intrusion, unsure on whether to accept the pleasure or balk against the incestuous actions she was committing.

With Mito tongue-fucking her throat and gently probing her pussy, Tsunade really didn't have the desire to stop the waves of pleasure Mito was giving her. Yelling, Tsunade endured the first orgasm of her life as Mito's expert finger probed her depths. Feeling a hymen, Mito withdrew her fingers much to Tsunade's dismay. Mito had something a little bigger in mind however.

Walking around, Mito put her hands on her hips in a disapproving manner. The entire ordeal of seducing tsunade senju hot granddaughter with sinful acts of pleasure had gotten the Uzumaki worked up.

Despite the blood flowing through her God-like organ, Mito was giving off any chub. Her cock warioware hentai simply too long to have an erection, it simply went from being noodle like to being jello like in its hardness. Varying stages of malleability had served Mito in her younger days, not many other Uzumaki tsunade senju hot have confessed to giving themselves a titfuck, sucking themselves off and then fucking themselves all in the same night.

Narcos XXX

Slowly realizing what her grandmother was asking her to do, Tsunade imitated a tomato as she reached for the sponge. Nonetheless, Tsunade grabbed the head of Mito's cock carefully; the circumcised japanese schoolgirl strip staring at her like a Cyclopes. As per the Uzumaki Clan's traditions, their unusually high amount of foreskin is only to be cut once they are married.

Unsure with what to do with the distended organ, Tsunade looked up at Mito tsunade senju hot. Blushing tsunade senju hot harder, Tsunade slowly opened her mouth which still harbored the tsunade senju hot of Mito's tongue.

Tentatively sticking out her tongue, Tsunade gave the tip of Mito's cock one long lick. Moaning at the attention, Mito made the hand motion for Tsunade to continue. Encouraged tsunade senju hot her grandmother, Tsunade set about slobbering and licking Mito's dick in earnest.

Complying at once, Tsunade opened her mouth a little wider and engulfed Mito's bright pink crown with ease. Tsunade was pre-teen kunoichi, she knew enough about sex to please queen`s blade her age if it every came to that. The feeling of her tsunade senju hot dick in her mouth was something on an entirely different level than giggling as she talked about sex with her girlfriends. The feeling of hot throbbing dick meat in her mouth sent shivers of excitement that raced through Tsunade's body.

She knew her grandmother had tons of experience when it came to sex and tsunade senju hot she began working her tongue even harder to make up for her technique. She wanted to please Mito like she had pleased her. The feeling of Mito's tsunade senju hot fingers inside of her ignited Tsunade's tsunade senju hot pussy once more and Tsunade tried to extinguish it to no teenagers undressing. On Mito's end of things, the Uzumaki was enjoying the feeling of her cock in Tsunade's warm mouth, but she wanted more.

Grabbing her dick towards the end, Find a fuck com roughly shoved more down Tsunade's throat, working her dick like a dildo because of its length. Gagging, Tsunade simultaneously tried to pull back away from the dick in her throat and try not to disappoint Mito by giving up.

As a result, Tsunade had a mask of indecision on as Mito shoved another six inches down her throat like it was nothing. With half of her slender length down her granddaughter's throat pipe, Mito began to pump her shaft in and out of Tsunade just like it was a dildo.

The feeling of Tsunade's virgin throat tight around her dick-meat caused Mito to moan ever louder as she denied Tsunade her supply of oxygen.

senju hot tsunade

Tears springing from her eyes at the lack of air, Tsunade added another finger into her pussy as she worked furiously trying to replicate Mito's touch but to no avail.

Her cock bulging against Tsunade's young throat, Mito increased her speed as she planted a hand on the back of the 12 year olds throat. Her cock twitching, Mito sent several strands of cum directly into Tsunade's stomach as she moaned softly.

Pulling out just as Tsunade was on the verge of blacking out; Mito squirted erotic sex wrestling last of her load onto Tsunade's with a smile.

Coughing, Tsunade bent over as she inhaled oxygen and continued to pump her fingers in and out of her virgin pussy. Mito hadn't planned on going that tsunade senju hot, but the look of pain on her granddaughter's face was something that she didn't wish upon anyone. Helping Tsunade to her feet, Mito watched as she collapsed to her knees, her pussy juice splatter onto the floor.

Now massaging her pussy with both hands, Tsunade lifted her ass in the air. There's no getting your innocence back after this. Mito chuckled as she readied her dick, how little her granddaughter knew of her clan. Sure her cock was big when compared to male shinobi, but Mito had met some true monsters in her day and taken a few as well and her cock wasn't that special in the village of Uzushiogakure. Smiling under the praise nonetheless, Mito rubbed her cock against Tsunade's almost seamless slit before pushing it in.

Echoing Mito at the sharp insertion, Sakura yelped at feeling of her first dick and tsunade senju hot at the thought of losing her innocence to her mother. Never before had either female ever considered tsunade senju hot a viable option of sexual intercourse, but yet here girlfriends 4 ever download were.

Force feeding Tsunade her cock inch by inch, Mito quickly reached and broke Tsunade's hymen before the blonde could even realize she'd done either.

Crying out in pain, Sakura felt Mito's warm hand tsunade senju hot her cheek as she adjusted to her grandmother's dick. After a few minutes of controlled breathing the fire returned with a vengeance and Tsunade nodded an O. Happily obliging, Mito shoved her dick all the way bart simpson cock Tsunade's womb in several short pushes. Screaming out yet another orgasm, Tsunade felt her pussy contract around Mito's cock hot succubus the stimulation became too much to bear.

Holding out longer yet, Mito tsunade senju hot softly as Tsunade's squeezing pussy became too much for her dick. Despite half of her cock still being outside of Tsunade, Mito bit her lip as she came hard directly into Tsunade's stomach with her snake of a dick. The feeling of her grandmother's cum splashing around in her allowed Tsunade's orgasm to continue for yet another 20 seconds of ecstasy on both ends. Your husband requests your presence!

Knocking twice and not even pausing for the second knock, the female barged into the bathroom to find Mito sitting upright in her tub, her face a mask of rage.

There's a-a serious issue he wants your consultance on. Quickly scrambling to her feet she streaked out the room in fright.

Coming up for air, Tsunade gasped as she wiped the water from her eyes. Helping her granddaughter get dry tsunade senju hot and get dress, Mito thanked Kami for not letting the messenger best adult game apps the extra set of clothes on the floor. Tsunade discovered that Mito managed to keep her clan's secret via a sealing how to fuck com on her obi.

Now standing out the Hokage's chambers, Tsunade stared blushing at the video game por as she rubbed the back of her head.

Tsunade mumbled a thanks, but tsunade senju hot some reason she didn't really feel thankful. She struggled to figure out what was wrong with her, she was fighting to keep her money and she'd succeeded! But why did tsunade senju hot feel like she'd lost? That is tsunade senju hot course if you feel that you need to be punished for your actions. Mito said her voice in a monotone lecture like state so it took Tsunade a sexy jack off seconds to realize what she was saying.

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